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Before I kick of this review, I want you to know that everything from this point and on will be focusing on Supabets South Africa. Supabets is present on many markets around Africa, but we made the decision to review them each individually.

Supabets is a well-known brand in South Africa. Even if you are not into sports betting yourself, I am pretty sure you heard about Supabets. At least once or twice. The first time I came in contact with Supabets was some years back. I spotted one of their betting shops walking down the street in downtown Johannesburg. To put it to you guys straight. Besides the fact that I made some bets in their shops, I have never, until recently, played on their website. Some people love their website, some people don’t.

Enough of philosophical online sports betting gibberish. Jump on the spaceship and join us while we fly deeper into the universe of Supabets.

  • Generous welcome offer + R50 free
  • A wide range of sports betting markets
  • A wide range of casino games available
  • Numerous betting shops across SA
  • Few withdrawal methods available
  • Promotes expired promotions
  • Confusing website
  • Customer support lacking in knowledge

During the background research of Supabets, I came across tons of complaints. But as we all know, people often prefer to complain rather than praise. Always important to keep that in mind. The complaints mainly focus on cash-in issues, missing deposits and lousy customer support. It might be the case.

On the other hand, various online payment options can sometimes be challenging to understand. Mistakes do occur quite often. For instance, when you are new to online gaming. Banking issues always need to be resolved quickly, requiring educated customer service hosts. We will try out the customer support to see if the complaints are valid or not.

Let’s look at what this well-known brand offers its South African clientele.

Supabets need to find a way towards product consistency


My first impression of the landing page was that it was nothing outside the extraordinary. Their black and red colour combination gives it a relatively clean look—a somewhat familiar layout across Africa. The website probably looked quite impressive when it was released. Remember that many African operators generally focus on functionality rather than remarkable design, which makes a lot of sense.

Many people do not have the latest phones or unlimited data in these parts of the world. People want to bet, but people might not want fancy things. Supabets also had this in mind when creating their site, especially since they still offer an old version and a new version.

After about two or three minutes of browsing around, things started to get a bit confusing. Somehow it felt like Supabets had thrown all their betting shops into a tumbler dryer and made a website out of it. Jokes aside, the fact still remains-the website is not correctly planned in terms of products. There are several versions of Supabet within one product. Try to grasp the story behind Inception. And there we go. That is my impression of what Supabets website feels like.

I must say that the mobile version is a bit neater than the desktop version. Honestly speaking, I am unsure if the “new” mobile website is better than the “old” one. First, when you log into Supabets mobile, you are instantly presented with the option of heading over to the old Supabets version. Which, of course, I did.

The old mobile site is, what can I say – old but still relevant and not too tricky to use. I sort of like the old site slightly more than the new. After that, when you reach the old mobile page, you are given the option to head over to the main site – which turns out to be the desktop version.

I am trying to say that Supabets looks alright at first glance. But as soon as you start browsing around. Things get a bit confusing. Expired promotions and different versions of the same site, depending on which product you choose. There is no natural or obvious consistency across the brand. It is still easy to spot the most vital parts of the site, such as login and registration, which is good news.


The registration process is rather basic compared to other South African sports betting sites. Click the green register now button and ensure your passport or ID is ready. This is due to the regulations in South Africa. You must always be able to identify yourself. Even though you might not need to provide the operator with a copy of your passport or ID upon registration, you will eventually have to do it. Keep that in mind, or else you won’t be able to bet or withdraw your potential winnings.

Some other aspects are essential to keep in mind when you register. Always make sure to use your cellphone number and nobody else. As soon as you enter all your details and click that register button, you will receive an SMS from Supabets. This is for you to opt-in, verify your phone number and confirm your new account.

As soon as this is done and dusted, you will finally gain access to your Supabets account. Remember that you need to FICA your account before you can make a deposit and start betting with Supabets. Head over to, follow the instructions, and upload your documents.


Let’s start from the beginning. The overall product experience and layout is, unfortunately, somewhat outdated. Before I dive deeper into this review, I have to say that I did expect much more from this established operator. While trying to grasp the site’s setup, I often found myself lost between the old and the new version, as well as thrown in between all the other sub-products that can be found, such as lotto, roulette and horse racing.

Let us provide you with the different versions of Supabets quickly. Below you will find a little more in-depth analysis of each product. So in terms of versions of the actual website, we have the following:

  • SupaBets Old Desktop Version
  • SupaBets New Desktop Version
  • SupaBets Old Mobile Version
  • Supabets New Mobile Version

The main difference between the old and new Supabet versions is the layout. The latest version has a more modern vibe, but the foundations are still the same. However, I found the new version loads a bit slower, which could affect your general gambling experience. Another thing to remember is that the new and old version only applies to the sports betting product. The rest, such as SUPANumbers and horse racing, remains the same. I am trying my best to give you a clear picture of the site, which is a bit difficult.

Okay, so let us put all these versions to the side. I find it amazing that Supabets offer various betting possibilities and intriguing games. I believe the web designers and developers have a lot to work on. I am confident that the site could’ve been executed and planned much better.

Sports Betting

The overall sports betting experience with Supabets is okay. Nothing extra. The basics are there, and it is easy to find what you might be looking for. They have a long way to go to get close to the more prominent European brands, but for now, their product offers what’s needed.

Remember though that the site is available in an old and new version, both for desktop and mobile.

Horse Racing – Suparacing

Since horse racing is very popular in South Africa, it is remarkable that Supabets has developed a product focusing on that. They call it Supa Racing which is based on their old site and a bit simplified. This gives you an excellent and straightforward overview of what famous races are available to bet on. Not much to say about this – it’s a good product. I recommend Supa Racing for the horse racing fanatic.

Lottoa – Supanumbers

Another top-rated product within the Supabets family is their lotto option SUPANumbers. The site’s layout seems to fall under the new Supabet design, and it is straightforward to spot the various lotto options from across the globe. From Swedish to Canada, the possibilities are endless. It is easy to find multiple alternatives, and it is also effortless to play. I believe this is one of the best ways to play the lotto in South Africa. Supabets did an excellent job with their SUPANumbers product.

So how does it work? The essence of this product is that you can participate in numerous lotto draws all over the world. The bet is made and issued by Supabets, and lottery owners will pay out the potential winnings on their behalf.

Roulette – Spin & Win

This product is Supabets own roulette game. And that’s about it. However, you play against other players in real time, so you can see how the stake increases and what numbers and colours people are betting on. It is a fun side game, but nothing I feel would keep me paying more than five minutes, and it already has the same layout as SUPANumers and Supa Racing. Less is more. Just focus on the actual product.

And a little side note.

Supabets has something called SUPANEWS, where they provide the latest sports news from around the world. I love the idea. I do. And the news is raining in—several news posts per day. There is, however, one concern. Each news story is just one sentence. If Supabets decided to put some more effort into this and provide some solid news, I believe they would have a lot to benefit.


Supabets offer a rather impressive welcome bonus package. Typically operators offer a bonus upon your first deposit. Supabets have some other critical additional conditions. For instance, you must make one bet before you are credited the reward. And with that said, we always recommend you to read all terms and conditions before you use any bonus or promotion.

Welcome Package

  • R50 Sign-up Bonus

The best part of the promotion offers is the R50 you will receive up sign-up. Remember that you first must submit your FICA documents and that you can’t withdraw this bonus money instantly. You must first make sure to roll over, or wager, the bonus three times. You can find more information in the promotions T&Cs.

  • Welcome Bonus: 100% up to R10,000

If you do not wish to receive any bonus, make sure to contact customer support through their chat or email. I recommend the chat option. Get feedback instantly.

Supabets Weekly Cash-back Bonus

This promotion is perfect for all of us having a lousy betting week. Supabets will give money back on your losses. Which is a great deal. 10% might seem a bit low, but 10% is better than zero in our world. Make sure you do not have any bonus on your account since you can’t be credited a bonus when you already have one. It is a bit of a complicated and unnecessary condition, so keep it in mind.

  • Weekly 10% Cashback Bonus

The overall promotion offer is excellent, with the weekly cash-back bonus and the welcome bonus. They come with some tricky T&Cs, but as long as you read and understand them, you will be all good to go.


As you all know, responsible gambling is crucial for us at We think the operators must provide their players with all the tools to control their gambling behaviour completely.

Supabets has one page where they briefly go through the different aspects of responsible gambling. With a list of questions, you should ask yourself to find out if you are in the danger zone. And if you find out that you might have a gambling issue, there are some authorities that you can contact for help.

This is what we call effort for the sake of compliance. Operators tend only to do what they must—nothing more, nothing less. Supabets do not provide their players with the possibility to set deposit limits or lock their accounts themselves. We headed over to the live chat for more help. We wanted them to set deposit limits for us. To our big surprise, Supabets do not offer the possibility to set any deposit limits whatsoever.

Once again, Supabets show that they have a lot to work on. Responsible gambling is of the highest importance.


With such a well-established brand as Supabets, I feel they should have a better online product. Besides the general messy vibe, I find it rather than disappointing that they still have outdated promotions on show. They can avoid a lot of misunderstanding by removing them and focusing on what they currently have on offer.

Despite having a very confusing website, Supabets has everything a betting fanatic in South Africa is looking for. The site, however, might be confusing for new customers. There are plenty for Supabets to improve and simplify.

Supabets seems to focus on their betting shops, and their online betting site comes second. Despite this, it is about time to step into the online gaming revolution which is currently taking place in Africa. It is time for Supabets to be on the front line of what Africa offers. Only the strongest survive!

If you are looking for a good selection of promotions and a wide variety of gambling products and do not mind a wild west website – Supabets might be a good option!


  1. Navigate to the Supabets homepage and login.
  2. Choose Soccer.
  3. Choose the match or event you want to bet on.
  4. Then choose the type of bet you would like to place.
  5. Enter the desired amount you want to bet.
  6. A summary of your bet will appear in the bet slip.
  7. Confirm your bet
  8. Done! You bet is now placed!

Good luck!

There are a few options you can use to withdraw your potential winnings from Supabets South Africa. Checkout the list below:

  • FNB eWallet
  • Instant Money
  • Bank Transfer
  • Supabets One Time Pin

PLEASE NOTE. Withdrawals over R25,000 requires you to resend your FICA documents.

You can buy the Supabets vouchers from any of the Supabets shops in Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal.

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