SiGMA Group has recently announced that it will be scaling up its African availability for the three-year period from 2022 to 2024. Cape Town will be the first city to host the business’ supershow in 2022, followed by Kenya in 2023, and then Ghana in 2024.

The company’s ambitious events calendar sees it once more becoming the organisation to watch in terms of the international gaming industry.

A Catch-All, Comprehensive Overview

The aim of the SiGMA Group supershows being held in different regions is to provide those who attend with a broader understanding of how diverse the African market is. The hoped-for outcome is an increase in investment opportunities and a boost for the sector’s development.

The conferences will stick very closely to the setup of previous events since these have been so successful. Exclusive seminars and carefully organised exhibitions will make it possible for visitors to network like never before and the guest list is to include many market heavyweights.

Regulatory dialogues will no doubt feature prominently on the agenda since online gambling is clearly allowed and/or governed in less than 20% of the continent’s 54 different countries.

SiGMA Group Founder Weighs In

SiGMA Group Founder and Chief Executive Officer for that business and the AIBC Summit Eman Pulis stated that the African marketplace is exciting, diverse, and ripe for the picking. He stated that the African supershows are the right move as his business expands its event portfolio and marks the company as a truly international one.

Discussing the choice of Cape Town as the inaugural summit destination, Pulis said that it was partly to differentiate from the brilliant job Clarion is doing in Johannesburg. And while that is South Africa’s business capital, Cape Town is ranked among the Top 10 tourist destinations in the world and a number of other gaming-industry business are additionally based there. Pulis added that, once the novel coronavirus COVID-19 travel restrictions allow for it, he plans on making a trip to Cape Town himself, to inspect the facilities firsthand.

The Market’s Development Potential

With a population of almost 60 million people, South Africa has a rapidly emerging, technologically competitive sector to offer industry stakeholders. There’s a lot of room for growth, too, which makes it the ideal destination in terms of future opportunities in the gaming market.

And Kenya is additionally linked to the SiGMA Foundation, the business’ charitable branch. It’s assisted in the past via the Kilimanjaro Challenge in funding various educational projects in both Ethiopia and Kenya thanks to almost 20 years of operations. The division has also raised €1 million towards clinics, kindergartens, schools, and water projects in both areas.

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