Eastern Cape MEC Mlungisi Mvoko is calling for full legalisation of online casinos in SA. At a recent conference, he outlined the economic benefits.

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South African Member of the Executive Council (MEC) of economic development of the Eastern Cape Mlungisi Mvoko has been vocal in his calls for legalizing online gambling in the country. He contends that the sizable tax revenues and new jobs that this will create could be of great importance to the region.

Mvoko Leads the Charge

Speaking at the 15th Gaming Regulators Africa Forum (GRAF) Mvoko appeared to be ready to bear the brunt of agitating for policy change. The MEC listed the benefits that online gambling had already brought to the Eastern Cape, and made bright predictions for the future.

The official focus of the 15th GRAF, held from 18 to 22 August 2019 at Port Elizabeth’s Boardwalk Hotel, was The Fourth Revolution and its Impact on Gaming in Africa. The so-called Fourth Revolution is the name given to the new wave of cyber-physical technology that combines hardware, software and biological systems.

The fact that a conference based on technological development’s impact on African gaming was held in a country where online casino play is still strictly prohibited, is not without irony. However, Mvoko articulated his points clearly, saying he understood that the regulation process would be time-consuming and complex but that online gambling’s potential benefits could not be ignored.

Mvoko’s speech also underlined how cryptocurrencies interacted with online betting to create new opportunities and markets. Besides stimulating economic development, he explained, virtual coins also make deposits and withdrawals safer and faster, protecting players’ identities and assets.

Recovering Prosperity

Combining new technologies and gambling will, in Mvoko’s opinion, boost Eastern Cape tax revenue and could help suffering economic sectors. The region relies on the tourism and manufacturing industries, which suffered devastation in the global economic crisis.

With new jobs and more money for civil works, the MEC noted, legalized online gambling could change the future for many families and individuals in the province. He concluded that instability and poverty in the province can be overcome, but all participants must act responsibly and the government must offer comprehensive support.

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